Case Studies

Some examples...

Growing SME (c£2.5 m turnover) increased sales value by 38% without any increase in direct headcount within 3 months through 10-day lean project.

SME (c£6.5m turnover) improved design-to-manufacture lead time 3-fold  and doubled productivity with a 3 day project.

SME (c£6m turnover) quadrupled sales by improving focus through 10-day lean office project

Medium sized division (c £25m) of a large food company achieved £10k per week waste reduction in 6 weeks .

Large company (c£30m turnover) embarked on an intensive programme over 4 months   – 2 pilot projects doubled output. Within 12 months internally trained teams delivered 10% increase in output overall and £1m saving on waste.

Large division of global food company projected £63k annualised benefits from early management design project (dry packing)

A new capital investment ramped up to 75% OEE in 3 weeks against a historical background of circa 45%