Leanpal - Management Consultants specialising in the Practical Application of Lean

Welcome to the leanpal website -

Leanpal helps small, medium and large companies improve their profitability through the practical application of lean tools and techniques. We do this by training people in the skills required, then supporting those people in the implementation of real improvement projects designed to quickly generate business benefits. Our approach enables skill development, and transfers our knowledge to key individuals within companies.

Our experienced practitioners are capable of training people at all levels of the organisation in lean tools and techniques. We coach shift managers, continuous improvement managers and middle management in lean leadership, and can provide both audits and strategic advice to senior management in change management to suit the company culture.

Our experience across a wide range of industrial sectors, across different cultures, and in different countries helps us to show our customers how to best prioritise the range of lean tools and techniques available to tackle their business issues.

The projects we work on are measured from an early stage to ensure the business generates a real return. Within 3-6 months of a project starting, the company will see business benefits which demonstrate a return on the investment made.

If you are looking for skills training, practical implementation support, improvement project resource, coaching, advice or audits - we can help.

If you are looking for thought provoking ideas - check out our blog and twitter updates.